Bean soup

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I decided to make a bean soup for Friday. It's a dish that some people run after and others pretend they don't want to see it. Finally, de gustibus et coloribus non disputandum. There are many recipes, I make them the way I like them, and I really like them.

So swell the beans in lukewarm water until the beans crack (if the beans are good). Discard the water, add more water and boil once (possibly with a little baking soda when boiling), then discard the water and put clean water again for the final boil.

While it is boiling for the first time, clean the onion, carrot, pepper and celery. Chop into cubes (I also give some of the roots through a grater) and prepare for boiling.

When it has boiled, put the chopped vegetables and pepper together with the bay leaves and salt (salt can be used towards the end).

When the berries are well enough, add a little basil and add the broth (chopped tomatoes when fresh). At the end, add the parsley and cook for another two to three minutes.

Now at the end I tell you that I really like this soup that I serve with any kind of pickles or onions.

Have fun and don't forget, I'm a cook :))

p.s I never like the final picture. Either it's the camera, or the steam, or the one taking the pictures: D>: D <


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