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Tort Diplomat (Edy - 1 year old)

Tort Diplomat (Edy - 1 year old)

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Beat the eggs with the sugar until smooth. Put the milk. This composition is put in a steam bath and left to boil until it thickens like sour cream. Allow to cool.

Put the gelatin in the pineapple juice, mix it and put it on the steam until it becomes like a syrup, then set it aside. Whipped cream.

Cut the fruit into whatever shapes you want, preferably smaller so that when you cut the cake it will cut nicely.

Mix the cooled composition with whipped cream and gelatin.

Put plastic wrap in a round tray. Put a row of fruit, a row of cream, and a row of fruit and then a row of cream and fruit on top. Let it cool for 10-12 hours. After these "long" hours, turn the cake over on a plate and garnish with whipped cream, fruit, candy or whatever you want.

  • 300 grams of biscuits
  • 50 ml milk
  • 200 grams of butter
  • 150 grams of sugar
  • 50 grams of cocoa
  • 300 grams of whipped cream
  • 300 grams of fruit - bananas, apricots, peaches, nectarines, pineapples

For a delicious cookie cake, we put the milk in a larger bowl so we can soak the cookies in it. In another bowl rub the butter, sugar, cocoa and 100 grams of whipped cream. On an extended plate / plate / tray we place alternately a layer of biscuits soaked in milk, a layer of cream, a layer of diced fruits. Garnish the cake with the remaining whipped cream and leave it in the fridge for about an hour. The biscuit cake goes great with a lemonade.

Trick: You can use biscuits instead of biscuits!

It's very simple to make a cookie cake! The ingredients are definitely at your fingertips, so all you have to do is follow the recipe I proposed.

Published by Ligia Pop

Ligia Pop is an author, nutrition consultant and raw chef. He has written 9 books so far, four of which are about a healthy diet, three about the birth and upbringing of a child, one about the practical living of a healthy life and another is a child-friendly piano method. Ligia is the host of the web shows "Ligia's Kitchen" and "Talking to Ligia" and the co-organizer of the Raw Generation conferences. See all Ligia Pop's articles

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What ingredients do we use for stuffed pike, old recipe, fishing, Dobrogean?

We are going to sew the pike, we make a seam behind the needle, so that it keeps the pike tightly closed and the filling does not flow.

We prick each pike with a needle, frequent stings, on both sides, so as not to crack during baking.

In the tray that we will put in the oven, place the sliced ​​carrot and onion, over which we place the pike. Around, in the tray, we can put some small, whole potatoes, which we can use as a garnish.

Old, fishing recipe for stuffed pike

Sprinkle the pike with a little oil, about two tablespoons, no more is needed.

We pour in the tray a little cold water, very little, just enough not to stick.

Cover the tray with aluminum foil and put it in the oven at 200-220 degrees Celsius, fire up and down, with ventilation, for electric ovens, for gas ovens we put the tray in the middle, with medium heat to maximum.

Check the tray after 20 minutes to see what the fish looks like.

Sprinkle everything with wine, put the tray in the oven, without aluminum foil, for 10 minutes, just enough to brown everything nicely.

Stuffed pike, old recipe, fishing, Dobrogean

This is all. Allow to cool, then place on a plate, decorated according to your imagination. As a side dish, serve the potatoes and carrots from the tray, you can also prepare steamed or sauteed vegetables, natural potatoes, puree from different vegetables. Don't forget to serve with lemon slices.

Gina's advice:

-To the filling, you can add a clove of finely ground garlic.

-It can be served with pike and a sauce or the famous sarmuzac .

-You can make pike in tomato sauce: in the pan, over the pike, pour 400 ml of tomato juice and add 1 bay leaf, 2-3 cloves of garlic.

More recipes for stuffed pike, in several variants, you can find here .

Do not forget the main ingredient: sprinkle abundantly with a lot of love and 2-3 smiles.

Leave me below your opinion about this recipe, suggestions about what other recipes you want to find on this blog. It takes 1 minute and is very helpful & # 128578

And I invite you to watch as well stuffed pike video recipe, below. It's the most beautiful video we've made so far. & # 128578 And if you like our work, you can subscribe to the Youtube channel, the page, and you can distribute the recipes you like.

Re & # 539 recipes with Gina Bradea & raquo Recipes & raquo Stuffed pike, old recipe, fishing, Dobrogean

I am waiting for ideas for the birthday menu - 1 year

Hello & # 33 & # 33 & # 33
I'm a bit new to the forum, but I've read almost all the recipes.
Now I would like you to help me make the menu for the celebration of my little girl's birthday, which is 1 year old on December 20 (of course the little one), but I would like to do the shopping in advance, that's why I posted this new topic so early. (I would like to go to selgros or metro, which we do not have in our county and I would like to have a list of everything I need).

Let me tell you about how I thought I would celebrate his birthday. On December 20, I will invite my godparents to dinner. For them, I thought of the following menu, but I'm still waiting for your opinions, as well as ideas for fast food and good-looking food (I apologize for not remembering the exact names of those who posted the recipes:
- Parisian check
- stuffed mushrooms
- pancakes stuffed with baked meat
- tomatoes stuffed with lettuce or mushrooms with mayonnaise (remains to be seen)
- fake drob
- potato muffins
- tuna salad with corn
- cheese balls
- plate with sausages and cheeses

Then I would make some pork chops with mushrooms (or some pork, if we are still on Christmas Eve) with some garnish next to it (I would like something more special than the classic mashed potatoes).

For dessert I thought of making an apple cake or jelly cake or biscuit cake. That remains to be seen, depending on how much time I have available (possibly tell me which cake I could make faster.).

Buuuun & # 33 & # 33 & # 33 Now it's the children's turn & # 33 & # 33 & # 33
On the 2nd day I will call the mothers with the children.
For them I would make some sandwiches and some pizza - now I'm waiting for the pizza recipe that after cooling can be held tightly in the hand (that is, the dough stays firm, it is not soft to bend and let children walk).
Of course the straw juices and the cake (which I haven't thought about yet, but something that all children can eat - I will also invite about 2 mothers with 1-year-olds).

I'm waiting for your opinions about the menu I thought of, and if someone else did it for you faster
(I have about 1 1/2 days, 20 falls on Tuesdays, so I can only cook on Mondays and Tuesdays until the afternoon when the guests arrive) or if you think something doesn't fit or it's a bit meticulous. please guide me.
everyone on this forum & # 33 & # 33 & # 33

Contest: Goodies for the little ones!

My dear ones, because the child's day is approaching and I am sure that you will want to pamper the little ones with nice gifts and tasty, but also healthy goodies, I want to propose you a new contest entitled Goodies for the little ones . and have concluded a partnership whose sole purpose is to give mothers (and fathers) hardworking and attentive with their puppies the perfect tools to prepare something good, to please the little ones.

How the contest will run:

1. Like the Facebook page for

2. Enter the page and choose a product from one of the existing categories (baking forms, accessories, storage, children in the kitchen).

3. Open the product page (click on the product) and copy the link from your browser bar.

4. Leave a comment on this post in which you specify the name you liked, paste the link to the chosen product and tell us briefly what goodies for the little ones you could prepare with the chosen product.

example: & # 8222I liked the page with the name Valentina Popa, I chose the product satin baking form 24 cm -.html. In this tray I thought I could bake the top for the fruit cake I want to prepare for the June 1st party. & # 8221

The contest is open starting today, May 18, 2012 and until May 30, 2012 at 24 o'clock you can register in the manner described above. The winners will be determined by electronic lottery on June 1 and will be announced in a separate post.

The prizes are awarded by our partner who will send them to the winners. The winners have the obligation to provide the organizer with personal data (full name, address and telephone number) for delivery of the prize within a maximum of 3 days from June 1, 2012 (until June 4 inclusive), otherwise the prize it will be redistributed by a new lottery.

I wish you a lot of success, good luck and increase the preparation of goodies for the little ones!

His birthday cake on the fire

. And I thought that this spring cake would be perfect for March 8, that's why I present it to you. On her birthday, on October 21, she invited her former office colleagues from the Timisoara County Tourist Office, I being their personal chef Because she has a flower name, I made her a flower cake, like a violin (her mother calls her Viorica), using one of her favorite ingredients: cherries

Snickers cake, dani's birthday. Desert. 10 servings. 20 min. 40 min. Very easy Finally, the hydrated and melted gelatin and the Snickers pieces are included. Mix the cream, sugar and milk over low heat. When the sugar is melted, add the 3 tablespoons of brandy. He left to cool Aflat, on Saturday, in Arad, together with other PSD leaders, Petre Daea received a sheep-shaped cake, on the day he turns 70 years old. He also received a plaque that says Many centuries with the sheep, 70 with Petre Daea, according to For the caramel mousse (actually a caramel bavaroise, if we give it the correct name) put 50g sugar with enough water to cover it over medium heat, until it caramelizes. When it has reached this point, take the pot off the heat and pour over it 120ml of milk mixed with 120ml of sour cream. Fasting cake - ideas for quick cakes to make in fasting. Christmas fasting begins on November 15, and until December 24, believers fast from sweet food. But, if during this period you are going to celebrate an important event or you just want a dessert, we tell you the tastiest recipes with fasting cake. This delicious chocolate cake is my favorite (yes, which isn't it ?!: P) I did it a year ago, on Bogdi's birthday, when he turned 1 year old. I put a picture of you at the end of the post, to believe me

His face caught fire from the fireworks on the cake VIDEO A young Indian man avoided a tragedy, even on his birthday. Comments His friends organized a party for him, only the cream caught fire from the fireworks on the cake. Fortunately, the flames went out before the party was seriously injured. HOW TO PREPARE THE RECIPE My birthday cake: I syruped the tops. Chocolate mousse: melt the chopped chocolates (3) on the fire and with whipped cream, when the chocolate has melted, mix the composition well, when it is warm, add the gelatin (which has been soaked in water) then add the whipped cream. two whipped cream. CARAMEL CAKE- It is not the most successful cake, but it was made with love for Ioan, for his birthday. I made it to my taste (and his obviously) with caramel and caramel and

Strawberry and panna cotta cake Laura Laurenți

  • When I made the chestnut and sour cherry cake for my birthday, my husband said it was the best cake I made, although then my chestnut mousse didn't come out and I turned it into butter cream. . Now, for his birthday, I made it again and this time the mousse came out another recipe. So we need the following
  • I am sending you a simple and tasty chocolate cake recipe: a commercial cake top with a non-dense spongy structure, chocolate cream that you prepare as follows: 300 gr sour cream is boiled over low heat with 300 gr household chocolate , cool and add flavors (rum essence), 500 gr whipped cream or prepared from an envelope
  • Let's give them firehis Daddy ofdayhis. Cool things. Ofdayhis the family prepared an incendiary surprise for him !. Movies and music on 22
  • They shaved him with fire for his birthday. Cool things. From a party, it turned into a drama. Movies and music on the 22nd
  • Then place the bananas, sprinkled with lemon juice, on the cake top, and pour the chocolate cream on top. For garnish, stop a little cream or you can prepare a chocolate icing with chocolate, butter and milk
  • eta when I started making sugar paste for roses
  • Matthew's day during Coronavirus led to this rather small, but very tasty cake. Luckily I had something around the house and I also found fresh strawberries. The cake includes a countertop, two types of cream and icing, meaning we dirty a few pans and bowls, but in the end we enjoy a colorful and good cake

On a plate we put a countertop and mount the cake ring around it. Over the counter we put half of the cherry cream and the second counter and then the rest of the cream. Cover with the last top and refrigerate until the yogurt cream is ready. For the yogurt cream, we put the hydrated gelatin in cold water. We left them on the fire until they reached the boiling point, then we added flour and mixed until the composition was homogenous. I left it on the fire until it came off easily from the bottom of the pot. I turned off the heat and let the dough cool, then gradually incorporated the eggs, adding the next egg only after the first was completely absorbed. It is a tasty cake with a fine cream of white chocolate ganache, mascarpone and raspberries. It is not the easiest to make but not the hardest, you just have to give it more time and not rush the preparation steps because both the cream and the raspberry jelly need a cooling time. The rest of the cream is mixed after that. add the caramel sauce, mix well until smooth. Chocolate cream: In a saucepan add the broken chocolate pieces, butter and 100 ml whipped cream, put on the fire stirring constantly until it dissolves taking care not to boil the whipped cream

Recipe from Vegan recipe without fire: Delicious and creamy raspberry cheesecake Add to favorites Ground biscuits mix with melted butter, vanilla essence and sugar, then press into the cake tin Remove the cake form from the refrigerator and pour strawberry mousse cream over the second sheet of countertop. Place the last sheet of countertop on top, syrup this one as well and put the cake in the fridge this time for at least 5 hours. It is ideal to leave it until the next day Bianca Drăgușanu was invited to Cătălin Măruță's show, on which occasion she also participated in the Say It All or Take Your Mouth Fire challenge. The challenge was a thrilling one, and Bianca Drăgușanu coped brilliantly with the questions asked by Cătălin Măruță, even if there were 11 A gradient cake, which you can make in any color you want, depending on your preferences. At the end of the month we have a lot of celebrations, so it's a perfect cake. The interior is simple, but the combination of flavors and fluffy sponge cake make it a delicious cake for all tastes

-2 sheets of gelatin (5 gr) -250ml whipped cream - half a jar of jam (I used apricots) (this cream recipe belongs to Pupi, and it's incredibly easy to make and good) For garnishing sugar paste and flowers that I also made from sugar paste or pasta di gomma The way I prepared my birthday was to make something sweet and I decided to make something tasty. A long time ago I set my eyes on this recipe and I chose this cake which is incredibly tasty, it is not good-looking but it is tasty. It is a soup. Specific Romania. (I used apricots) (this cream recipe belongs to Pupi, For cream 2: put the same gelatin in a little cold water for 10 minutes then put it on the fire a little without boiling it, put the jam separately with a little water in a saucepan on the fire to him.

Black Forest Cherry Cake Cooking Recipes with Laura

aerated. Wallpaper a cake form with baking paper and put the composition on the fire. fruit). When we serve a slice of cake it feels great chocolate cubes still hot pour over the cake ready assembled starting from the center I got chocolate for the whole cake but you can reheat what. While the ganache is put on the cake, a chocolate spiral is made. Lemon and coconut cake, recipe. Step-by-step lemon cake recipe. Ingredients and recipe for Cake recipe with lemon mousse and coconut top. This cake with lemon and coconut top is made for a very special person, whom I do not know personally and yet, I can say that I appreciate and appreciate it a lot Fasting cake with caramel. For my father-in-law's birthday, I made this fasting cake with caramel. He always held all the fasts, in full, and much of his life was deprived of the birthday cake party, because he always falls for Easter fasting. I didn't know how to make vegan cakes for many years either. I pulled the pan off the heat and sprinkled a good pinch of salt (fleur de sel). I poured the hot burnt sugar on a tray lined with baking paper. I spread it with a wooden spoon in a thin layer! Do not leave it in a thick layer because it is difficult to break and large and sharp pieces remain. Be as fine and thin as possible

But there are also extremely simple cake recipes that you can prepare even if you have never made desserts before. One such cake is the one with chocolate ganache biscuits. It does not require baking, you only need a few ingredients and you can make a sweet surprise to a loved one, for his birthday and not only 'Cuugu's Guguță' Cake. Pour a little dough using a polish and rotating the pan so that the entire surface is covered as evenly as possible. When the edges of the sheet take on a golden color and the surface of the pancake no longer has an appearance. Bring the drained livers to a boil. Removes the blackish foam that forms on top. After about 10 minutes or when they have changed color, remove from the heat and drain. Heat the oil in a pan. Pass each piece of liver through the flour and fry it on the fire. Cake dressed in whipped cream. Rating: 6.2 • 0 reviews • 6,730 views. Age: 1-2 years old On his birthday, your child deserves a cake with grapes and cow's cheese, to enjoy a delicious dessert. Novak Djokovic turned 26 yesterday and had a surprise at Roland Garros. Arriving in Paris yesterday, he performed his first training on clay in the French capital around noon. At the end of it, he was surprised to receive a cake from the organizers of the tournament

Snickers cake, dani's birthday, Petitche recipe

Every puppy deserves a birthday cake. November 18, 2011. 1337 Views | 0 Comments. Unlike humans, however, our four-legged friends feel the dangerous effects of chocolate on their skin. Knowing that in some cases ingesting chocolate can be lethal, the question arises how much can be eaten by dogs .. A holiday requires a holiday cake so for today I made a delicious cake :) I named it 'Gladiator 'because it's a big, dense and chocolate cake but also because I wanted to get closer with my' creation 'to the Gladiator cake served at the Marriott hotel. I probably didn't reach my goal but the taste was great and the cake was literally devoured. I finally made a bust cake, a gift for a friend for his birthday. What can I tell you. that I can't even write anymore. I'm always crying. I look on all the blogs what beautiful cakes you make and how simple you make everything seem to me every time .. The cake with three kinds of chocolate is a decadent cake, with a lot of chocolate, a good and satisfying cake, a cake that, despite Apparently, it is not at all difficult to prepare. I made it for the name day of Stefan, my little boy, and because he wanted a cake with stars, I chose to decorate it with stars, but you can choose anything else.

Minister Petre Daea received, on his birthday, a cake in

Donuts Cake recipe She wanted her birthday cake because she loves donuts and would eat them every day, without ever returning them Every year, every anniversary, I tried to surprise him with a fabulous birthday cake, this year I respected his wish exactly, cake top, white chocolate cream and decor. The cake is great! I would like to add the picture, but I don't know how. I made it for my husband's birthday and it looks great. I used agar instead of gelatin and a 3-egg countertop - it was quite thin and the first layer of cream flowed past it, but I mounted it in the baking tin, and when I took out the ring, it looked very good. preparation. the red cake is a normal pandispan in which I put blueberry syrup (I said it would turn pink but it turned purple inside) and I put frozen cherries), on top of the cream and over the whipped cream red gelatin from dr oetker and the cake chocolate, is a chocolate pandispan, in which I also put frozen cherries, whipped cream and on top of grated chocolate Beat the egg whites with foam. Between champagne and kisses, a cake with oranges goes great Only tomorrow is not the day after tomorrow, that is, the day of January 1, when champagne flows, kisses and wishes are made on the conveyor belt, and everything goes perfectly with a fragrant slice of cake . When the cake has the basic ingredient oranges, one of the fruits. Then for Mrs. cake we need a package of red gelatin that we prepare according to the instructions on the envelope and for Mr. cake a chocolate given on the large grater + 1- 2 tablespoons red gelatin for bow tie:

I like to make predictions that we want to repeat this thing that I performed. Happy birthday, Madalina! Impressions, thoughts and opinions about religion, recipes, articles, movies, free games on 2 review ro. Add the RECIPE. FREE & WITHOUT ACCOUNT. May 28th cake dessert. Cosmin's birthday. - posted in Special menus for special occasions: Hello, girls! My boy turned 16 years old, and yesterday I celebrated him properly at home. I'll put pictures of what I prepared for them. all recipes are. picked from the kitchen and thank you for that !! .I only had appetizers and cakes and. cake, of course. All prepared by mommy, who turned upside down.

Caramel cake. Lots of caramel (for him) - Chocolate And ..

Dani Oţil changed the prefix on Monday, August 24. The morning show on Antena 1 turned 40 years old and he spent time with his colleagues and friends at the garden restaurant he has been running for some time. Dani Oţil was overwhelmed with surprises, and among those who sang were Loredana and Ştefan Bănică, writes click.t On her birthday, a young woman from the city of Tyumen made a wish and blew out the candle in the middle of a roll of toilet paper. Apparently, so it was, but in reality, it was a cake in the form of the hygienic product, obsessively bought during this period.

Fasting Cake - Fast Fasting Cake Recipes

For his birthday, my son wanted, just like 2 years ago, a cake with kranz and chocolate. So I made it again (the first version, in the form of Minion, you can find it here), but I couldn't help but make it at least a more special shape. I chose to make it in a spiral and I'm very thanks to the result, separate the egg whites from the yolks. Beat the egg whites with 4 lbs of sugar and the yolks are also foamed with two tablespoons of sugar and vanilla essence. with light movements from top to bottom. Bake in a 26 cm tray that I lined with baking paper. Bake on the right heat. Stay tuned, May 1st is his birthday, so you may also receive a virtual slice here, on the blog. :) Regarding the Marshal cake, I do not issue any claim, however. :) This year to It happened, for objective reasons, that I prepared the cake for my brother-in-law's birthday, obviously asking for the recipe from my mother-in-law. It's the cake I prepared for Adrian's birthday, my dear baby :). I was always looking for a cake recipe with sour cream. Because I kept trying creams with raspberries and strawberries and during this period I found only frozen fruits, I decided to make a cream with lemon and cream, light and very fragrant

Put the sifted flour and mix slowly from the bottom up. Pour the composition into a round shape greased with oil and lined with flour and bake for 30 minutes. Leave it to cool, then cut it in three. Mix the sugar with the water, the rum essence and the nexus, put it on the fire until the sugar melts and let the Valentine's Day cake cool. in a small saucepan with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 50 ml of water. Heat over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until the sugar dissolves. Boil for 2 minutes. then pour the lemon syrup on top. After it has cooled a little, remove it on a wire rack to cool completely. Place a ring with a diameter of 18 cm, lined with acetate foil, on a plate. Spread evenly most of the composition of biscuits inside it, covering its walls a little. Press it well with the spoon and the glass. Honestly, I didn't do any archeological excavations to see if Napoleon made this cake or he just liked to eat it. I just looked at God's recipe and started spreading sheets. .I promised a friend that I would make him Napoleon for his birthday, because he is his favorite. Place a countertop on plateau, inside a ring of cake adjustable, cream back of chocolate and place the second tray, then put the plate in the refrigerator. For the mousse of blueberries, mix the blueberries and then pass them through a strainer to remove the fruit peels

Chocolate cake Cooking recipes with Laura Sava - Cele

  • united. Especially if it's made by loving hands. Sweet delicacy can be safely presented to a person's heart, you just have to not miss the recipe. What do we like about people? Contents1 Cake for a man's birthday - general principles of cooking2 Cake for ..
  • and a plaque on which they wrote Many centuries with the sheep, 70 with Petre Daea. The minister was born on November 2, and his wife was also present at the party in Arad. The sheep is a living statue
  • Add rum (optional). When the chocolate is melted and the mixture is uniform, remove from the heat, wait for it to cool (stirring from time to time, so that it does not peel) and spread the cream on the cake. That's kind of what I did. I'm not an expert in cakes and I don't make them very often, but this recipe is really simple and good
  • A 5-year-old child from Curtișoara, Gorj County, had a real surprise on Wednesday, his birthday. The masked men from IPJ Gorj found out from his uncle, a man of the law, that he is in love with the profession of policeman and went in front of his house, with a special vehicle loaded with gifts, MEDIAFAX announces
  • Preparation: For the countertop, grate the zucchini on the thinnest grater and squeeze it with water. Put the butter in a saucepan over medium heat and let it melt. After it has melted, continue boiling it until small brown spots begin to form on the base of the pan, a sign that the butter is starting to caramelize.

Her face caught fire from the fireworks on the VIDE cake

  1. united with loved ones, understanding, self-confidence and many, many recipes
  2. The National Meteorological Institute has published the weather forecast for the next four weeks, until the end of August. Thus, the temperatures will be all month above the normal period, and in terms of precipitation, they will be deficient in the first two weeks and the last of the month.
  3. September 10, 1989. The catastrophe of the passenger Mogoșoaia. Over two hundred dead. The biggest catastrophe in Romania in peacetime 6 hours ago 674 # ConstanțaEsteBine - Jean Constantin Festival, at the end Performances of the little artist Bogdan Mihai Irimia, during a pandemic 11 hours ago 624 Constanta gendarme, killed in an accident near Valu lui Traian
  4. After trying the Angelica cake, which was a great success, I dared to make a cake for Daniel's birthday. It's just that, left without chocolate pudding, I filled it with raspberry pudding cream. It's a cake we made especially for our boy's birthday, at a meeting with some of his friends. I modeled a Thomas fondant train on top. Ingredient.

My birthday cake recipe - Chef

Vekas (Chef). dicarmencitta, only today I received your comment. I'm sorry to answer you late, but you can still find roses now, if not in the garden, at the flower shop. Any kind of rose can be used, but the best is the red rose , with velvety petals. I will prepare this cake on November 1, when it is my nephew's birthday. His classmates prefer. Here on our site, you dear children will see that we have prepared for you a new online game for girls in the category of games with the Ice Kingdom, in which dear friends you will see how you can with Anna and Elsa to cook one of the cutest and tastiest cakes with Disney princesses on our website, which will not be easy at all. This is one.

CARAMEL CAKE - Edith's Kitche

  1. Iohannis's cacophony, on the Day of the Romanian Language. On the occasion of the Romanian Language Day, celebrated today, August 31, the President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Iohannis, sent a message that should perhaps have been revised. Because he had a beautiful cacophony. Sure, cacophony (or.
  2. Chorus, personalized cake and lots of joy for Gheorghe Tadici's birthday! Florentin Dincă | 2014-03-28 14:35 Handbalistele din echipa naționala și Primarul din Baia Mare i-au pregătit selecționerului o petrecere surpriză chiar înaintea meciurilor amicale cu Germania
  3. ţe50 g fulgi de ciocolată neagră500 ml lapte8 gălbenuşuri50 g zahăr pudră300 g zahăr12 bezeleMod de preparare Tort de înghețată cu cireșeMixezi smântâna bine răcită şi, când este destul de tare, adaugi zahărul pudră, o jumătate de.

Video: Tort cu castane si visine Plezirur

Tort de ziua puiutei-Help. - In the kitchen - Forum

Un tort care arată bine şi are un gust pe măsură. Iată reţeta unui tort cu frişcă delicios! 1. Pentru blat, se amesteca faina si praful de copt, iar albusurile se bat spuma cu un praf de sare. Când începe sa se formeze spuma, se adauga zaharul si se continua baterea. 2. Se diminueaza viteza Crema de ciocolata: Frisca lichida se pune pe foc, adaugam ciocolata maruntita si lasam pana se topeste toata ciocolata amestecand usor tot timpul. Luam de pe foc si lasam la temperatura camerei sa se racoreasca cateva ore. Dupa ce tortul a stata la frigider macar 4 ore turnam crema peste crema de iaurt si intindem uniform pe toata suprafata Categoria: Felicitari de ziua lui Felicitarea Tort de ziualui a fost trimisa de 211 ori Spune La Multi Ani intr-un mod mai creativ: trimite o felicitare sexy si condimenteaza-i ziua Buna ziua, azi va prezint un tortulet dragalas si bineinteles gustos pe care l-am realizat cu ocazia zilei de nastere a lui Andrei,baietelul meu cu ajutorul caruia prezint retetele mele pe youtube. La final adaugam fulgii de ciocolata si dam la rece pentru jumatate de ora. Pregatim siropul: punem pe foc apa, zaharul si esenta de rom pana cand zaharul e complet topit. Taiem blatul in doua pe orizontala, insiropam usor cele doua blaturi (eu nu am exagerat cu insiroparea pentru ca blatul nu mi s-a parut a fi foarte sec)

VIDEO - Sa-i dam foc lui tati de ziua lui

Sarcina pe saptamani Simptome, Disconfort Nume de copii Teste recomandate Complicatii si Probleme Sarcina Discutii (Comunitate, Forum) Grupuri Gravidute (burtici) Jurnale, Bloguri Tine si tu jurnal Calculator data nasteri Inainte de a-l pune pe tort, inmuiem foile de gelatina in putina apa rece, punem intr-un ibric 2-3 lg de amestec de zmeura, punem foile de gelatina inmuiate si lasam putin pe foc timp in care amestecam sa se dizolve gelatina. Mai adaugam peste zmeura cu gelatina cateva linguri din compozitia rece de zmeura, apoi omogenizam totul

Tort entremet cu fructe de padure si ciocolata alba glazura oglinda tort de cofetarie insiropat tort aniversar tort farinat tort elegant tort simplu si delicios Dacă doriţi să împărtăşiţi reţeta pe reţelele sociale sau e-mail, trimiteţi linkul sau folosiţi cu încredere butoanele de share pentru FB, Twitter si Pinterest . Pe 8 martie sarbatorim ziua internationala a femeii si cum aceasta zi speciala nu poate sa treaca neobservata, va propun un minunat tort, vesel si colorat, cu crema de vanilie si ananas si un pandispan pufos insiropat cu lichior Limoncello

VIDEO - L-au barbierit cu foc de ziua lui

Gaz pe foc: Lukaşenko închide graniţele. 18 septembrie 2020 Extern 8. Suntem obligaţi să retragem trupele de pe străzi, să punem armata în alertă şi să închidem frontierele din vest, în primul rând cu Lituania şi Polonia, a declarat Lukaşenko, potrivit Al Jazeera. Cacofonia lui Iohannis, de Ziua Limbii Române 31. Separat se freaca intr-un castron zahar foarte fin cu doua linguri de apa rece. Se freaca mult pana se face ca un serbet. Se amesteca cu ciocolata topita. Se pune cu totul intr-un vas cu apa clocotita, dar nu pe foc. Cand este destul de moale, se toarna dintr-o data peste tort si se intinde repede cu un cutit Am montat tortul direct pe platou. Mutarea unui tort atat de mare și de fragil este greoaie. Am reglat inelul la 28 cm și am pus blatul în centrul lui (blatul este mai mic de 28 cm deoarece i-am tăiat marginea). Putem pune și un carton de tort pe platou. Am turnat jumătate din crema de mascarpone cu iaurt peste blat Se pare ca anul acesta se poarta la onomastici torturile in forma de cifre. Le-am admirat si eu pe net si m-am gandit ca ziua baiatului cel mare ar fi ocazia perfecta sa experimentez acest gen de tort. La prima vedere parea destul de complicat insa studiind mai bine problema mi-am dat seama ca se face usor

M-am urcat într-un Anghel Saligny care a sosit la 16:07. Astfel, am ajuns la Piața Unirii 1 în jurul orei 16:11 (25 min. de la Râul Doamnei) și m-am grăbit să prind un metrou către Pipera, pe Magistrala 2, alergând pe scări fiindcă era deja în stație. Către Pipera a fost foarte liber Loredana Groza arata splendit la aproape 50 de ani! Poza care le-a incins imaginatia fanilor - FOTO Sylvie Goulard nu a reusit sa ii convinga pe deputatii din Parlamentul European pentru functia de comisar Comunicat de presa - Construire si dotare cresa si gradinita in satul Lunca Cetatuii, comuna Ciurea, judetul lasi Zerul din lapte, medicamentul traditional care controleaza greutatea. Chirac n-a mancat tort de ziua lui. tort martipan La sosirea sa la summitul NATO de la Riga, presedintele francez Jacques Chirac, care a implinit ieri 74 de ani, a fost asteptat cu un tort alb si decorat cu trandafiri rosii, care i-a fost inmanat [.. Si cum puteam eu sa imi exprim toata dragostea pe care i-o port mai frumos decat prin prepararea unui tort pe gustul ei, cu o crema simpla de casa fiarta, dar foarte delicioasa. Ingrediete: Blat. 4 oua. 200 g unt. 250 g zahar. 250 g faina. 1 sachet of baking powder. esenta de vanilie. un praf de sare. Crema. 800 ml lapte. 4 galbenusuri. 4 linguri.

Retete si decoratiuni pentru copii

Luca a implinit 2 ani! Au fost cei mai frumosi 2 ani din viata mea si sunt sigura ca si din viata sotului meu. Am vrut sa ii fac o petrecere speciala, in care toate decoratiunile sa fie facute de mine.

Am ales tema “Maimutica” pentru petrecere si m-am gandit sa impartasesc cu voi ceea ce am facut, poate aveti si voi acasa un prichindel care s-ar bucura de o petrecere tematica.

Sa o luam pe rand: invitatia a fost una foarte simpla, pe care am trimis-o pe mail mamicilor:

Apoi am facut 2 bannere, unul pentru usa de la intrare (asta pentru ca ne-am mutat de curand si unii invitati nu au mai fost niciodata la noi). Literele pentru aceste bannere le gasiti pe Le-am ales pe rand, apoi le-am editat in Photoshop pentru a le colora in concordanta cu tema petrecerii: verde, galben, maro si turcoaz. Am taiat coli de carton colorat in sferturi si am lipit literele pe fiecare, apoi le-am perforat si le-am insirat pe o panglica. In cazul bannerului pentru usa, le-am decupat si lipit pur si simplu pe un carton alb. Apropo, va faceti munca mult mai usoara daca le printati direct pe hartie autocolanta alba, pe care o gasiti la orice papetarie.

Apoi am cumparat sucurile pentru copiii. Le-am dat jos etichetele, le-am lipit pe o bucata de carton maro si apoi am decupat fasii de carton de dimensiunea etichetelor. Le-am lipit pe sticle folosind pistolul cu silicon. Apoi am aplicat o eticheta cu o maimutica, pe care o gasiti peste tot pe internet, dar in caz ca nu o gasiti, am postat-o si aici.

M-am ocupat apoi de cutiutele pentru popcorn. Am listat sablonul pe carton subtire, de 180gr si apoi am facut 10 cutiute, in 2 culori. Le-am infrumusetat putin cu eticheta pe care o gasiti mai jos si cu panglici colorate. Sablonul il gasiti AICI.

Pentru alte mici decoratiuni am folosit rame foto cu poza lui Luca, etichete de tot felul lipte pe carton si apoi pe mini-furculite pentru servit. Betisoarele le-am cumparat de la Metro, sunt din cele groase si plate, perfect pentru astfel de decoratiuni. O punga cu 100 de betisoare costa undeva la 17 lei.

In ceea ce priveste meniul, am avut asa: chiftelute de pui, pe care le-am copt, nu le-am prajit, crochete de peste, facute la tava, cartofi pe care la fel, i-am copt, nu prajit. Tot pentru copilasi am facut si waffele cu sunca si cascaval, bulete de branza si mini-snitele din piept de pui. Apoi am avut pentru parinti salata de vinete, salata de boeuf, zacusca (ca doar e sezonul ei). Pe fiecare fel de mancare am pus o eticheta, asta pentru a evita vesnicele intrebari “asta ce e?” dar si pentru decor, bineinteles. V-am pus mai jos etichetele pe care le-am folosit.

Separat am avut un candy bar, cu tot felul de jeleuri, marshmallows, bombonele, acadele, puse in borcanele si pahare infrumusetate cu panglici si etichete cu maimutici. Au fost dulciuri diverse, astfel incat sa se poata servi copiii de diverse varste si de ce nu, si parintii. Briosele sunt cele cu fulgi de ciocolata, insa fara cacao. Au insa o glazura de ciocolata, care este de fapt…crema pe care o folosesc la amandina.

In final ajungem si la tort, care a fost un diplomat cu fructe in forma de maimutica. Am facut doua torturi, unul cu diametrul de 38 de cm si unul mai mic, de 17 cm. Pe cel mic l-am taiat in doua, pentru a forma urechiusele maimutei. Am pregatit apoi un fondant din marshmallows, pe care l-am colorat galben pal. Am intins fondantul intr-o foaie de grosime medie si l-am taiat folosind sablonul deAICI. Pentru urechi, am taiat un cerc folosind un pahar, apoi am taiat bulina de fondant in 2 parti egale si… gata urechile! Am imbracat diplomatul in aceeasi crema de amandina.

La final, la plecare, fiecare copilas a primit o mica atentie, un mini-saculet cu jeleuri, la care am atasat o eticheta de multumire.

Cam astea au fost, pe scurt, pregatirile pentru ziua lui Luca. Acum cateva detalii mai mult sau mai putin importante:
– Panglici de toate latimile si culorile gasiti la orice mercerie
– Jeleurile in forma de broscuta le gasiti la Metro, sunt la cutie de 1500g si costa undeva la 17 lei
– Jeleurile banana le gasiti tot la Metro, cutie de 1050g, cam acelasi pret
– Drajeuri colorate tot de acolo
– Marshmellow si jeleuri cu fructe de la Plus
– Acadele de la Carrefour
– Hartie colorata, cartoane si autocolante – orice papetarie, chiar si cele mai mici, “de cartier”
– Pistolul cu lipici (pentru Clujeni) din Piata Marasti, 6 lei plus 1 leu/rezerva de silicon INSA am vazut si la Baumax, la un pret mult mai mare.

Sper ca ideile mele v-au ajutat pentru organizarea unei petreceri dragute pentru cei mici si daca mai aveti si alte intrebari, ne auzim aici, ca de obicei. You're welcome!

Cum se umple cozonacul cu nucă?

Este un aluat destul de moale care se lucrează ușor. Am împărțit aluatul în patru. Folosim un cântar. Fiecare cozonac va avea 2 brațe împletite. Am întins câte două dreptunghiuri de aluat de circa 40吐 cm. Pe fiecare dreptunghi am pus un sfert din umplutură, apoi am rulat.

Am împletit câte doua brațe direct pe o hârtie de copt. Aceasta mă va ajuta să mut cozonacii mai ușor în forme: îi ridic direct cu hârtia de copt!

Am procedat similar și cu al doilea cozonac pufos cu smântână și nucă.

Cât se lasă cozonacul la dospit în formă?

Am pus cozonacii în forme, i-am acoperit cu un pungi de plastic și i-am lăsat la dospit incă 40-50 de minute. Între timp încingem cuptorul la 170 C cu căldură sus+jos+ventilație (treapta medie spre înaltă la cele cu gaz).


Foodblogger at Savori Urbane. #savoriurbane

După ce au dospit suficient, am pensulat cozonacii cu oul bătut cu un pic de sare.

Coacere cozonac pufos cu smântână și umplutură de nucă

Am introdus imediat formele cu cozonaci în cuptorul preîncins la 170 C (pe grilajul cel mai de jos). Am copt cozonacii 20 de minute la 170 C și apoi alte 20-30 min la 160 C. Nu vă pot descrie aromele din bucătărie! Ready! Cozonacii sunt rumeni și faini!

Video: Tort Diplomat - Cake out of the Box (August 2022).