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10 Breakfast Recipes to Make for Dinner

10 Breakfast Recipes to Make for Dinner

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Who said eggs, waffles, and oatmeal were just for breakfast?

Breakfast Tacos//Catz in the Kitchen

I love breakfast food, but I think it tastes much better later in the day. any night.

Who was the one who relegated waffles, grits, and scrambled eggs to just breakfast? If you know, send them my way; I would like to have a serious chat about this nonsense.

I shared this week’s SWAT theme, Breakfast for Dinner, with the Culinary Content Network of food bloggers to see if they shared my love of breakfast, and I was not disappointed. This was another crazy week of submissions (more than 60!), and I’ve been gifted with some really exceptional recipes to drool over.

In fact, I decided to create another SWAT solely dedicated to breakfast sandwiches because I couldn’t give them enough attention here — stay tuned, it’s coming.

For this week, however, I reviewed the submissions and chose my 10 favorites — yes, sadly only 10 — and instead of going with classics like buttermilk pancakes (which are awesome at any time of day), I chose recipes that had a more of a dinnertime vibe.

Click here to check out these 10 breakfast-themed recipes perfect for dinner, and see if your favorite blogger snagged a winning spot.