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Instagram Food Hashtags You Need to Follow Right Now

Instagram Food Hashtags You Need to Follow Right Now

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We hope you heard the news — your Instagram feed is about to get a major upgrade. Hashtags are now follow-able, meaning you can keep up with your favorite tags and trends without having to chase down hundreds of influencers and accounts.

But the food world of Instagram is an unexplored realm of terror and melted butter, uncharted by even the most learned smoothie bowl connoisseurs. So if you just want some great food on your feed and you don’t know where to start, you’re not alone.

Here are a few hashtags that can help get you started in your pursuit to follow the best food on Instagram.

We’ve lost track of the myriad of ways people have managed to repurpose an avocado. Did you know avocado lattes were a thing? Avocado toast has been taken beyond the realm of the everyday and well into insanity. Bloggers will spend hours slaving over a pitted avocado with a knife, carving intricately into its flesh to mold creamy fruit sculptures. Drool over their impressive creations — and embrace that you’re so millennial — by following this hashtag.

“But LA has food just as good as New York, this is not fair.” Nah. Sit down, Los Angeles. When has anyone ever hashtagged #LAfood? Almost never. #NYCfood, on the other hand, is your go-to tag for browsing obscene food mashups and incredibly caloric creations. Home of the baogel, the cereal bagel, and the taco pizza, there’s nothing New Yorkers won’t try.

Get with the times, people. Even elementary schools are doing it. In 2018, all the experts have predicted that eating plant based is going to be the new thing. Plant based meals are easier than you’d think to whip up — but for some healthy inspiration, follow this hashtag and find yourself raving over vegetarian entrées and vegan desserts.

#[pizza emoji]
Searching just #pizza is for amateurs. Real Instagram foodies know that the best pizza pics are hiding beneath this emoji hashtag. Avoid the billions of bloggers posting an average slice of pizza from their movie night and bypass the worst pizza trends (we’re looking at you, candy corn pizza) by following this hashtag instead. This is where the real magic lies.

Do you find yourself mesmerized by cooking videos on Facebook and your favorite blogs? You need more food porn in your life. While you’re scrolling through photos of your friends’ weddings and blurry group selfies, you’ll find relief in slow motion stretches of cheese and popping egg yolks.

Keep up with your fellow Daily Meal readers under our new hashtag, #mydailymeal. After following it, your feed will be littered with glorious meals and innovative cooking techniques. You might even catch an interview with a chef or two!

If you didn’t see your favorites here, go ahead and tell us your favorite food hashtags. In the meantime, we’ll be scrolling through your #mydailymeal’s with major food envy — unless, of course, you’re posting one of the dumbest food trends ever.