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Chicken breast strips with bran and baked yogurt - dukan diet (video recipe)

Chicken breast strips with bran and baked yogurt - dukan diet (video recipe)

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Put yogurt over the meat, then put the pepper, salt, and turmeric then mix all these ingredients very well and I will put them in the fridge for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes I will put each slice of meat through the bran and place them in a tray lined with baking paper.

Place the tray in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes.

For a healthy low-calorie lunch, serve chicken breast with a lettuce.

Good appetite!.

Chicken breast diet

There are several different diets to lose weight. You just need to decide on exactly what you will be able to give in his diet. If you can't just limit yourself to the right food to eliminate meat from your diet, then we'll give you more diet options on chicken breast.

First of all, chicken is not absolutely fat, it nourishes the body well, satisfies hunger. This chicken diet helps to support all the restrictions that must be followed to get a positive result. Therefore, to lose weight, they did not faint. Only you properly balanced diet, limit the use of these products that lead to excess weight. For example, sweet, smoked, flour - is waste for the human body as a whole. But, the necessary products are not only possible, but even necessary to use.

To date, a very large number of diets that have been developed by nutritionists and specialists, as well as amateurs, but they can lead to health disorders, and unquestionably. Therefore, suddenly eliminate from the daily diet, in many foods can deprive the body of nutrients, vitamins, trace elements.

A balanced diet is a diet rich in chicken fillets, as it is in almost fat-free lumps and is therefore low in calories. But, chicken breast protein contains much more than even pork and beef. Since chicken is easy to digest, digested so that toxins in our body will not accumulate. Well, it feeds and very often especially in hospitals, even recommended chicken soup. This is a good way to recover in the body, but also helps to boost the immune system after illness.

So back to your diet options. Very good at such a diet to lose weight, how to diet in chicken fillets, especially women, who are "sedentary" lifestyle, because they contain 1000-1400kkal, not men and women, athletes. Although chicken breast food - this is the main weight loss scheme that is used in the gym. And this is not surprising, because poultry - an ideal source of protein, which contains almost no fat and helps to quickly saturate your body.

The first version of diet called "seven days" the most.

Boil about 800gr. chicken in 2n. the water. Boiling water is necessary to add celery, onions and carrots. Then divide the already cooked meat into 5-6 six equal parts, which must be eaten for 1 day. Under no circumstances add salt and soy sauce to use as not all of them are natural, it is better to replace it with lemon juice. The positive part of this option is a diet that is easy to prepare, everything is affordable and most importantly, satisfactory. The downside - people who have kidney, stomach, liver, heart disease. In addition, to carry out the diet of chickens during pregnancy is prohibited. This diet plan cannot be combined with intense training and stress in the body. Most often on seven-day-old chicken and broth is used when there is a final process of losing weight when they are left to lose only one kilogram.

The second option on the diet of chicken fillets. This mono-diet, adheres to 6-7 days. In the first three days of such a diet should eat only one apple, about 1, 5-2 kg. After that, some 1 kg breasted chicks. throughout the day. Then 2 Springtime in yogurt (1%), 2n based. for a day. And the last day - a chicken soup with no added salt. Pros: First, do not break the head products should be consumed. Second, it is very easy to cook, the chemical composition and caloric content of all counted in advance. Cons: A little food offered is not balanced, which can cause the body to stress. Such a process can cause overeating and angry "cravings" for certain products. Contraindicated for humans, as in the first embodiment.

The of a the third option - It is a balanced diet is chicken. Reviews of the diet say that it is quite nutritious, and so it is easy to go through. Its duration is not less than 21 days. The menu is quite simple - at each meal you need to eat 200g. chicken, or simply steamed cooked. In addition, you can eat 200g. absolutely any porridge, 300gr. salads, 400g vegetable stew, and a couple of salted fruits. In this diet is allowed even the use of dry wine, but only 1 cup and only 1 time per week. But beer and vodka - a total ban. Sweets should generally be excluded from the diet. Advantages: such a diet provides the body with all the nutrients, as the diet is quite varied. Such a diet can be observed for a long time. Disadvantages: very quickly bored, still start to want to eat meat, such as pork, beef. There are other ways to lose weight and not gain fat - a lean fish, lean beef, egg whites. Therefore, some do not see the point in eating only chicken breast.

of fourth version of chicken diet. So, in the first days, at least 3, it is necessary to eat only chicken breast, while eating a day of 1 kg of meat. Then the next 3 days - it's a variety of salads (carrots, celery and other vegetables that contain a lot of fiber). Then, again, 3 days on chicken. Then - three days for apples, always green. Alternatively it lasts about 14 days. Pros: It's not difficult to cook available food. Cons: Monotonous diet, a food product suitable only for those people who carry absolutely no physical work.

A word of advice: the chicken should be administered alone or with a garnish of vegetables and herbs. In no case can he eat potatoes, pasta, cereals, because he will never reach the desired result.

There are both positives and negatives when dieting.

Positive points: the human body receives the necessary dose of protein, fiber, carbohydrates. But chicken breast on a diet allows you to reset excess weight, offset such toxins and without exposing the danger to muscle tissue. Because the duration of such a diet a little and get rid of excess weight can be fast, especially when approaching an important event and I want to look at all 100.

Negatives: As chicken breast is low in fat, and as we know, fat is essential for the human body for a full life. There is also a very unsalted chicken - it is also quite difficult, especially for those who can not do without salt, to taste you need to get used to it. Therefore, specialists recommend soy sauce, but it is not always possible to find a sauce, so it was really natural.

Summarizing on a chicken breast diet, it simply can not be called harmful or safe. So don't go for it, but only use it occasionally.

So, among a variety of diets, you are sure to find their own, and know that you must have skinless chickens and panirovok.

Chest diet of chicken. Reviews.

I told them boiled chicken breast for the last 3 months. Girls result is already obvious, I lost about 10 kg.

And I think if one day he ate 800gr or 1 kg. Chicken meat not only did not grow thin and recover. Very interesting, I will try.

Oh, girls, I've been on a diet too, very much hoping it will help me fit in and lose weight.

And I think no dieting is necessary, you just need to move more, go to the gym. Eat more protein and carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, and there will be no problems.

And I've been on the chicken diet for six months. Tell me how to move is now a normal diet. I achieved the desired result, so I am very afraid that I would return to a kilogram, which has dropped.

She read a lot of good feedback about the chicken breast diet. I decided to give it a try. Girls is a miracle, I have 5 days to lose 5 kg. Now I weigh 54 kg. But I want more to lose, so from now on I'm on this dietke.

Girls and I have not reached such a diet. I was very upset because he had already tried many diets and could not get up, which would suit me. I am very upset. Tell me what to do.

Ladies need to eat less and move. And then there are no problems.

My weight is 140 kg., When he sat on a diet, then almost immediately to fall 5 kg, the month passed and another 10 kg. The girl I absolutely love will stay on this diet. I want to achieve this goal - 67 kg.

I can't look at fat, it gets disgusting. Today, I'm going to buy chicken breast and stay on a diet.

I have 4 days to lose 5 kg results amazed me. I advised her friends, they want to try. Dare girls, you have to succeed in everything.

I stay on a diet for 3 days. The first day dropped by 1, 5 kg, the second - 1 kg, the third. 0, 5 kg. a day to eat about 10kkal. Easily tolerated by the body, do not feel bad, do not have the forces of decline, it is not desirable. But in the morning just a headache, at night begins to break legs and calves, I do not understand because of what may be due to lack of salt in the body. Surf 7 days, but we'll see.

Oh, girls, I have little tolerance for this diet. Headaches, bought even sedatives. During the first week I gave up 4 kg, but it is very difficult. She ate without salt, so disgusting that I took some pickles to swallow the almost salted chicken. She ate apples, and at the weekend she sat exclusively on kefir, it was very difficult. I even threw myself on this diet.

As soon as the chicken breast helped me to get a positive result. Nothing sweet, salty, french fries, and alcohol. There, after 7 he did not sit down. And I reached the goal. - Weight of 110 kg, and became - 72 kg. when my height 175cm.

Positive points: the human body receives the necessary dose of protein, fiber, carbohydrates. But, chicken breast on a diet allows you to reset excess weight, offset such toxins and without exposing the danger to muscle tissue. Because the duration of such a diet a little and lose weight fast, especially when approaching an important event and want to look at all 100.Diet on chicken breast. Reviews.

Cinnamon diet: lose 3 kilograms in 7 days

Fortunately, however, there are some tricks, shortcuts without too many sacrifices. Cinnamon sprinkled over yogurt helps you burn fat, being a. May This diet lasts 10 days. Every morning, consume 200ml of yogurt with half a teaspoon of cinnamon for breakfast. Weight loss with yogurt and cinnamon. Unsubscribe from Vasilas Maria?