Baked vegetables

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Fry the meat over high heat, on all sides, for 2 minutes on each side, in olive oil.

The meat acquires a slightly brown crust.

Put the vegetables in a heat-resistant tray.

Put the fried meat on top of the vegetables, with the fat underneath, and put the oil in which we fried the meat, then put the tray in the hot oven, at the right heat.

After approx. 30 minutes turn the meat and mix the vegetables lightly so that they do not break.

After another 30 minutes, the steak with the garnish should be ready. Check, inserting the tip of the knife into the meat.

We also make a green salad.

The steak is served with a glass of wine (preferably bull's blood: D good for women when men drink it: :)) :)) :)))

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