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Grovemade Offers "World's First" All Wood Bumper iPhone Case

Grovemade Offers

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With so many neat cell phone cases out there, it's pretty difficult to settle on just one. Thankfully, no one says that you have to! Maybe you want something slim and light for everyday use, but need something strong and more protective for traveling. Well, Grovemade's new iPhone Bumper line for the 5, 5s, and 5C definitely helps with the former — and maybe even the latter. Introduced last month and available in Eastern Hardrock Maple and Oregon Walnut, the company is hailing these as the world's first all wood bumper cases and promises that they will be just as protective as a full-size model. The bumper design is made to slightly elevate your phone away from flat surfaces, keeping it from coming into contact with asphalt when you drop it in the street. Plus, the company has such a tight manufacturing process that they apparently utilize 95 percent of the wood they bring in, keeping waste down to a minimum.